Sadness envelops New York's French community

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New York City has a significant connection to France. More than 180,000 French-speaking people live within the five boroughs. Some refer to part of Carroll Gardens in Brooklyn as "Little Paris" because so many French-owned businesses are located there. Some ex-patriates told us they are still processing what's happened.

Minute by painful minute they watched as horror played out in their home country. Jean-Jacques Bernat and wife Leslie own Provence en Boîte, a Parisian bistro on Smith Street. Both remember the Charlie Hedbo shooting in January. Both can't make sense of what's happening now.

A few blocks away, Bar Tabac is another of the expanding French-owned establishments in this stretch of Brooklyn where many gathered and some prayed.

Thomas Caron of Paris said he messaged friends and loved ones this evening. He hadn't heard from everyone yet.