'Saddest dog' finds sanctuary after a harrowing journey in Kentucky

Once dubbed the saddest dog at a Kentucky animal shelter, Dembe has now found refuge at a local sanctuary. (Credit: Metro Animal Services)

An animal shelter in Kentucky said its "saddest dog at the shelter" has found refuge at a local animal sanctuary. 

The once stray dog, now named Dembe, came to Metro Animal Services in Louisville on December 13. 

"He was emaciated, shut down, shy, and scared," Public Information Officer Stephanie Jackson said in a statement to FOX Television Stations. 

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"I met him, and he hid behind another staff member, unable to overcome his fear to interact with anyone or any other dogs," she continued. 

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More photos of Dembe.  (Metro Animal Services)

Jackson said the shelter posted the dog's story on social media, which garnered a lot of interest, but no one was willing to take him. A potential adoption eventually fell through. 

The shelter also heard that the dog's owner had been murdered in 2019 and the next of kin took care of the dog before being incarcerated. 

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The person also told the shelter ther dog's name was Bear, and he was 7 years old. 

Jackson said Dembe is now "decompressing" at his new home at the Tribe Animal Sanctuary.

This story was reported from Los Angeles.