Sabor Latino's hip hop spreads positive messages about education

Roberto Torres, a.k.a. Sabor Latino, is a Jamaica, Queens, native, a social services worker at a nearby school, a prolific author (he is about to release his fourth book), and a rap artist riffing a message of positivity.

He presents his hip hop in a way you rarely hear it and writing with a message, so personal and so positive that it can change one's world.

His newest book is a love letter to Lehman College, where he got his master's degree.

As he tells it, Roberto's life has been a series of ups and downs and choices fueled by passions like basketball. He perused paths with the blessing of positive influences like his father. He was able to ignore the violence in Jamaica and keep on the straight and narrow.

He said his decisions changed the course of his life. It hasn't been easy, but Roberto remains upbeat. His hope is to inspire others to pursue noble dreams and worthwhile causes.