Running for your mental health

You don't have to be a marathoner to get all of the health benefits of running. And it is not just about getting you into top physical condition. Running helps our minds, as well.

Happiness, mental energy, feeling invigorated – these are some of the words that runners used when Fox 5 asked how running makes them feel. Medical experts say these are some of the mental health benefits of running.

Dr. Teo Mendez, a specialist in sports medicine, said that the colloquial term for this is "endorphins." He said that running can release natural, feel-good molecules in the brain. Runners call the feeling the "runner's high."

%INLINE%Dr. Mendez said running has a myriad of benefits. Psychologists and psychiatrists will tell people to exercise, such as running, to help them with depression or anxiety.

But does running hurt your feet, ankles, knees, and hips over the long? But Dr. Mendez said that does not apply to most people. He said that as long as you don't have any alignment problems, running isn't bad for your hips or knees.

He said to keep on running. Your brain will thank you.