Runners hit the roads and trails, with safety on the mind

As the weather heats up, going for a run is one of the best ways to enjoy the elements. But there are safety risks that come along with running, especially for women. Several female runners experience cat-calling and harassment. In extreme cases, women have been murdered.

Last summer a 30-year-old jogger in Howard Beach, Queens, was raped and murdered. Similar incidents happened last summer in Massachusetts and Michigan.

So what can runners do to stay safe?

The NYPD recommends running in heavily populated areas in daylight. If you can't run in those conditions, NYPD recommends running without headphones or expensive jewelry. If you have to run in the dark, find a well-lit path.

Neighborhood running groups like Harlem Run organizes times and places for people to run together, a great way to avoid harassment. If you can't schedule the running groups in, Harlem Run representatives recommend telling a friend where you're going and carrying some form of an ID in case of an emergency.