Rooster attacks man on Queens street

A Queens man is speaking out after being attacked on his way to work, not by a person, a dog, or even a rat, but by an angry rooster.

Leon Suseran was on his way to work when he was attacked from behind. The vein on his hand punctured, his pain was outmatched by surprise to find out who he was being attacked by… a rooster.

"I turned around and saw blood gushing out," Suseran Leon said about the unusual assault.  "I had to deal with his blood gushing out and I had to deal with this animal that kept charging at me."

As Suseran applied pressure to the wound to try to stop the bleeding, the rooster kept coming at him.

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Despite Leon’s 6’2" build and his kicks, the rooster was unrelenting. Ultimately, he was able to outrun his attacker and call 911.

Roosters often escape his neighbor's property in Jamaica, he says, and have attacked others before.

When FOX 5 News arrived at the scene the roosters were far from shy, and luckily, behind the fence.

The health department tells FOX 5 News that roosters are generally prohibited in New York City. It says it has received a complaint that’s been filed and is in the process of investigating.

Suseran says the roosters are a threat to the community, particularly to the young children and the elderly, who might not be able to defend themselves.

He says he and his family tried to approach the owners in a neighborly way but were rejected.

"We tried to talk to the family," he said.  "They close the door in our faces."