Rockland County brush fires threaten homes and lives

A series of brush fires threatened homes and lives throughout Rockland County on Friday.

Officials say they believe the fire was sparked by a freight train that passed through several communities. 

The CSX train passed through Congers, Stony Point and Haverstraw, sparking multiple brush fires.

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For Tim Martin, a 30-year Congers homeowner, the experience of seeing the fires start and grow was terrifying.

"I said oh boy, this is going to get ugly," Martin said. 

"When I saw it, my goodness it was unbelievable," said another resident. "I was praying ‘God help up, you are the only one who can help us.’"

Firefighters spent the day flying helicopters back and forth with water buckets as firefighters in nearby areas continue to work to put out the suborn flames still burning.