REUNITED: Kitten belonging to fatal crash victim returned to her mother in Phoenix

After losing two of her children is as many weeks, a Glendale mother finally got some good news.

A Good Samaritan reportedly rescued the kitten that was with Tracy Sollis' daughter, Raven Codding. She died in a rollover crash, after she attended the funeral of her brother, Kenny Codding.

The two Good Samaritans used to work as EMTs.

"Some woman came out of nowhere, and said the kitten was ejected with Raven, and handed us the kitten," Cynthia Follette recounted. "Like any decent human being, we took care of it."

Follette gave her information to an officer, hoping it would get passed on to Raven's family. A week later, Follette saw Sollis' story, which aired on FOX 10 Phoenix, and immediately asked FOX 10 Phoenix to put her in contact with the family.

Meanwhile, Sollis had been searching for the kitten, after losing her two children, who were both organ donors. She was hoping to hang on to what's left of her daughter, who named the cat Dean.

"I'd give my life in a heartbeat to let them come back," said Sollis.

Besides suffering a scratch on his hip from the crash, Dean is otherwise OK. For the first time in weeks, Sollis now has a reason to smile.

"I hope it helps her heal," said Follette. "She's been through too much as it is. Any help we as humanity can provide, I think we should provide."