Restaurants delivering to the frontlines of pandemic response

Restaurants in the Tristate Region are stepping up, and doing their part to help healthcare workers while on they're on the job. Companies like SUBWAY are serving up hundreds of boxed lunches. Just Salad is donating 5,000 meals-a-day to Mt. Sinai, and Blackbarn Restaurant is pitching in for Bellevue Hospital.

In Connecticut, Food For the Front Line is a grass roots organization that started a go fund me account, helping to deliver over 1,800 meals, and raising around $40,000 in less than two weeks.

“So we pay to have meals delivered to the first responders and the hospital workers," said Stephanie Webster from CT Bites. "So the chefs are getting dollars for every delivery. We're not asking for discounts or donations. We want to pay these chefs and restaurant owners, so they can support themselves and their staff.”

Harper's Restaurant in Dobbs Ferry and St. George Bistro at Hastings-on-Hudson developed a similar concept with the creation of: On the Line -- an effort to support their employees financially, while providing food for first responders, and other local establishments in need, like homeless shelters and churches.

Served Natural (a New York based healthy food delivery service), is now matching donations from customers, and corporate donations from companies like the Bumble dating app. They're able to deliver 1,000 meals a day to local, New York City hospitals.

Ladle of Love out of Bronxville is lending a helping hand in many ways. They're offering up curbside pickup at the Mount Kisco Boys & Girls club. They also have a Foodie Bus in Chappaqua, and are serving multiple hospitals in the city.