Residents: Don't call southern Harlem 'SoHa'

There has long been a debate about where Harlem starts: North of Central Park, 116 Street or 125 Street? But this is different. This is the rebranding.

Danni Tyson is a member of Community Board 10, which includes central Harlem. She doesn't like anything about calling a section of Harlem SoHa, short for South Harlem. She says Harlem has a culture and a history and is known all over the world

But the real estate industry has other plans for an area from West 110 Street to West 125th Street, an area with its own name and legacy. It is called Harlem.

It wasn't long ago we were talking about developers doing something similar in the South Bronx, where they traded in the gritty reputation of the Bronx for a perhaps softer Piano District. And there are countless others. It is part of what makes NYC what it is: constant change.

And talk about SoHa isn't new. And neither is the fight against it.

When I asked an employee at Keller Williams why they are trying to rebrand she told me they weren't. She said it is only the name of the team.