Residents complain of sweltering heat, no air conditioning at Bronx homeless shelter

“It’s become unbearable,” said Abigail Hudzik, a new mother living in the shelter. “They don’t provide us fans, they don’t provide us air conditioning.”

Hudzik says that the oppressive heat inside the shelter is a threat to not only her health, but her newborn daughter’s as well.  According to Hudzik, there are built-in wall air conditioning units in the shelter, but that they cannot be switched on.

“I’ve tried calling 311, I’ve tried calling DHS, I’ve called a bondsman’s office, nobody can help us,” Hudzik said. 

In a statement, Department of Homeless Services Press Secretary Ariana Fishman said “All clients in shelters citywide have access to either: on-site air conditioning, whether in-unit or in common space, or alternative cooling centers.”

Hudzik says that while her building does have a 24-hour air-conditioned lounge, you cannot sleep in it.

“As a mother, you have to do what you need to do for your kid,” Hudzik said.