Residents complain of overgrown LIRR property

Residents of Levittown, Long Island, are outraged about a property on Neptune Lane off Meridian Road. They say it's an eyesore, full of high weeds, debris, mice and insects.

Vienna Kirkland, whose backyard connects to the property, says she and her 15-year-old daughter who is disabled can't enjoy their own backyard.

The two-mile stretch of property is owned by the Long Island Rail Road. There isn't an actual track running through Levittown anymore but according to Town Supervisor Anthony Santino, from 1871 through the 1930s the Central Branch of the LIRR ran through this site.

Dozens of homes back up to the property. Town of Hempstead officials say this has been a problem for years. They claim LIRR crews have come out to clean up but they don't do it enough, costing neighbors hundreds of dollars on exterminators.

Town officials say they met with LIRR officials a month ago and requested and demanded the property to be cleaned but nothing has been done.

We reached out to the LIRR for a comment. In a statement, a spokesperson said: "The LIRR's vegetation management program must prioritize the 700 miles of active track in need of constant attention for safety purposes, but in response to community outreach we trimmed this decommissioned stretch of railroad just last month."

The LIRR went on to say they will continue the trimming in this property as well as continue its communication with the elected officials.