Republicans speak out about failure to replace Obamacare

House speaker Paul Ryan said it himself on Friday, “We’re going to be living with Obamacare for the foreseeable future.” Republicans are searching for a way forward after an embarrassing failure to pass legislation to repeal and replace Obamacare. Vice President Mike Pence echoed the president’s rhetoric Saturday in West Virginia "Yesterday wasn't a victory for the American people; it was a victory for the status quo in Washington, D.C.  And it was a victory for the disaster of Obamacare.  But I promise you, that victory won't last very long," he said.

President Trump blamed the democrats in large part for the defeat. Saturday morning he tweeted, “Obamacare will explode and we will all get together and piece together a great healthcare plan for the people, do not worry.”

However the American Health Care Act failed mainly because the republican votes weren’t there. They control the House of Representatives,” says Democrat Congressman Tim Ryan, “The Republicans control the Senate. He's a new Republican president. There really is no excuse why he shouldn't have been able to pass his own initiative other than this bill really was a disaster.”

Newt Gingrich was on Fox News Friday night explaining why Paul Ryan couldn’t get the GOP’s support, “When you say to people trust me, we’re going to fix it phase two and three, having just elected a president on the grounds that they don’t trust anybody in Washington, and we turn right around and ask them to trust us with their lives? It ain’t gonna’ work.”

Obama’s Affordable Health Care Act has covered more than 20 million people, about 11 million are covered through an expansion of Medicaid and another 12 million buy private insurance through the law’s marketplaces, most with help from subsidies based on income.