Report: Worst tippers live in richest neighborhoods

Whether it's freezing cold, rain, sleet or snow, delivery people are out there in New York City rushing to get your order to your home as quickly as possible. Their reward? Hopefully, a good tip.

According to a report published by the real estate web site Street Easy, the higher the area's rents, the lower the tip. The study used tip info provided by Seamless, an online food delivery service.

Where do the worst tippers reside? Upper Carnegie Hill. The average there is only 12.3 percent. The best tippers actually tend to live in Queens and Brooklyn. The average tip was around 14.5 percent.

The study found 9 of the top ten highest median tips in the city were located in Brooklyn, according to the study.  17 of the top 20 neighborhoods that tip the least are in Manhattan.

Patricia Napier-Fitzpatrick is the founder of the Etiquette School of New York. She believes one of the main reasons Upper East Siders came up so stingy in the study is ignorance. Patricia says always tip in cash: $4 or 15 to 20 percent, whichever is greater.

And the next time you think about being tight fisted, remember that your delivery person makes only about $5.65 an hour.