Report: NYC spending millions to export homeless families

A new report claims that New York City is spending millions of dollars to ship out homeless families.

According the report by the New York Post, the program offers homeless families a full year of rent and relocation fees to leave New York City. Taxpayers have spent $89M on rent alone since the program began in August 2017.

Now, however, the Mayors of cities that have taken in some of NYC’s homeless are saying enough is enough.

“Cities like Yonkers or Mount Vernon or some of the other cities that they’re being exported to are cities that already struggle with their own homelessness issues,” Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano said.

According to Spano, last year 100 homeless from New York were sent to Yonkers. Once they used up the 12-month relocation rental assistance, it was up to them to find a way to survive on their own. 

The families also brought new children to the already over-crowded Yonkers school system at a cost of $21,000 a student to taxpayers.

“We need to know what is the additional burdens that are being placed on the taxpayers of Yonkers,” Spano said. “If you can’t give us that information, then don’t do it.”

In a statement, Isaac McGinn, the New York City Department of Social Services Spokesperson said: “Any American, including any New Yorker experiencing homelessness, has the right to seek housing where they can afford it and employment where they can find it. Our city remains committed to using every tool at our disposal to help these families and individuals find stability in the ways that work for them, including through relocation and rehousing programs that date back decades.”

The De Blasio administration says that no-one is being illegally transferred or sent anywhere. 


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