Report: Clinton's server contained top secret emails

The White House has confirmed Hilary Clinton’s home email server did contain closely guarded government secrets. The State Department is withholding 22 emails of which, 7 they say, are classified "top secret."

"Our job is simply to live up to the court requirement to release these e-mails according to the freedom of information act requirements" Secretary of State John Kerry said.

Meanwhile, the scandal surrounding her didn't keep her from rallying Saturday in Iowa before the Iowa caucus on Monday. 

Of course, candidates couldn't hold back from blasting former secretary of state.  Marco Rubio criticized her and GOP front runner Donald Trump took to Twitter, tweeting: "the new e-mail release is a disaster for Hillary Clinton. At a minimum, how can someone with such bad judgement be our next president?"

Donald Trump is the front runner in Iowa. Ted Cruz is currently the runner-up and Marco Rubio is in third place.

As for Hillary Clinton, it's not all bad news. Saturday, she and Ohio governor, Republican John Kasich were endorsed by the New York Times.