Renowned photographer Janette Beckman shares decades of work in new book

After 40 years of dedication., passion, and capturing unique snapshots in the worlds of art, music, and fashion, renowned photographer Janette Beckman has compiled some of her best work into a newly-published book, "Rebels: From Punk to Dior."

"I think I took my first photograph in 1977 it was Siouxsie and the Banshees playing at the Roundhouse," Beckman told FOX 5 NY. "I feel like my photography is a collaboration between myself and the subjects."

At her studio in NoHo, photographer Janette Beckman gave FOX 5 NY a glimpse into her latest work, which showcases four decades of her photographs.

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"It was an amazing process to look at all the work and think I photographed all these bands and all these people on the streets, and a gang in East LA in 1983," Beckman said. "It’s a book about basically 40 years of my photography starting in the punk era in the UK and I moved here in 1983 and capturing the burgeoning hip-hop culture."

The London native is proud to call New York City her home. It’s a city she believes provides the perfect backdrop for the inspiring people she captures in her photos — from the everyday New Yorker to celebrities like LL Cool J, Sting, and Debbie Harry. 

"Every time I get on the subway and I’m looking at people and wondering who they are and am fascinated by what they’re wearing, looking at their faces and figuring out who they are, I don’t think you find that anywhere else in the world to be honest."

Beckman’s book, which is filled with hundreds of her photos, sells for $75. 

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