Remembering the victims of the Sutherland Springs massacre

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Some call Sutherland Springs, "a one-blinking-light town." The small Texas town has a population of just under 400 people and is now the scene of the state's deadliest shooting. Half of the victims were children and those killed ranged in ages from 18 months to 77 years old.

On Wednesday, the Texas Department of Public Safety released the names of the deceased victims, who were killed in the Sutherland Springs shooting at the First Baptist Church on Sunday. A total of 26 victims, including an unborn child, are listed below: 

14-year-old Annabelle Pomeroy was attending Sunday service at her father's church. Her father, Pastor Frank Pomeroy, was on his way back from Oklahoma when his daughter died. She was his youngest daughter. Her mother, Sherri, was also out of town when the shooting happened. She has updated her Facebook profile picture to a photograph of her daughter.

Out of this heartbreaking tragedy, Joann Ward, a 30-year-old mother of four -- was a true hero. She reportedly died shielding her children. Her daughters, 7-year-old Emily Garza and 5-year-old Brooke Ward, were also killed in the attack.  Rihanna Ward, 9, said that that her mother "pushed her down when she saw the shooter open fire," telling her to hide. 

Some of the victims were members of a family who saw three generations lose their lives within mere minutes.  Joe and Claryce Holcombe lost children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren all at once. Their son, Bryan Holcombe, 60, and his wife, Karla Holcombe, 58, were killed. Bryan was Associate Pastor for the church and walking to preach at the pulpit when he was shot. The couple was known to volunteer at prisons and teach Sunday school. 

The Holcombe family also lost Crystal Holcombe, who was eight months pregnant.  Three of her five young children were also killed--their ages, 8, 11 and 13.   

16-year old-Haley Krueger had dreams of becoming a NICU nurse and was described as a "beautiful, vibrant teenager who "loved babies." Haley's brother writing a message to his sister on Facebook. "RIP, little sister, we love you with all my heart and i will miss you so much." 

Not even the family of the shooter was saved from his own wrath. The gunman  killed his 71-year-old grandmother-in-law. It was believed a family dispute could have led to Kelley's deadly breakdown.