ReFashion NYC Week

The first-ever ReFashion NYC Week culminated Friday evening with a fashion show in a celebration of sustainable looks. 

"This is really a called action," said Bridget Anderson, the Department of Sanitation's commissioner of sustainability and recycling. "ReFashion Week and the fashion show is really about how do we do more with clothing and not throw it away? There's 200,000 tons of clothing thrown away in New York City alone."

The week full of events to encourage New Yorkers to think about the issue of clothing waste was sponsored by donateNYC, a program by the city's Department of Sanitation which works with local non-profits and businesses to support the utilization of various types of used items.

For the week's marquee event at Project Farmhouse in the East Village, stylists worked with donateNYC partner thrift stores to create second-hand looks that graced the runway once again.

"It touches me because I love sustainability and also recycling and giving back to the environment," said Thrift Stylist Al-Fuquan Green. "I'm not against saving a buck and being stingy about the money they take out of my pockets—that's what my brand Styling Stingy is about. So when it comes to thrifting and pulling pieces from the Goodwill that's what I'm about, I love it."

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the consequences of their shopping and it's affecting their shopping habits for the better, according to Carmen Gama, a designer for the Renew line by Eileen Fisher and judge for the event.

"Designers are really looking at these materials and how to wear them again," Gama said. "Create new designs by either creating new fabrics or completely new garments—people want to just get their hands on it." 

Elenore Volpe and Devonne Jackson were the stylists behind the event's winning looks and will star in next year's ReFashion campaign.