Red Cross of Georgia ready to help those in the path of Tropical Storm Barry

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As Tropical Storm Barry moves closer to land, Red Cross workers in Georgia are working around the clock, stocking and preparing supplies.  

"Cots, blankets, hygiene kits to help people staying in shelters," said Ashley Henyan with the Red Cross of Georgia. 

They also have vehicles ready to drive into the hardest hit areas with food. 

Dozens of workers from Atlanta are already in Louisiana.  They will assess the damage once the storm makes landfall. 

They'll assess damage in the community to homes, roads, infrastructure so we know where we can get out feeding and supply trucks," said Henyan. 

If the damage is significant, large trailers are ready to move in to provide shelter. 

"We have sheltering trailers that have enough supplies to house 50 people and 100 people all stocked up and ready to go," said Henyan.