Ray Kelly reacts to terror attack

Former NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly, who Donald Trump recently mentioned might be a potential member of a presidential administration threw cold  water on the billionaire's idea to bar Muslims from entering the United States in the wake of a terror attack in California.

"It may or may not be good politics but I think it's unconstitutional," Kelly says.  "The Supreme Court has held in several cases that constitutional rights go beyond just U.S. citizens."

Kelly says that the San Bernardino terrorist attack will lead to a change in thinking about threats from just large cities to a more national approach.

But he says, "New York is better prepared than any other city."

On the disbanded demographics union of the NYPD Kelly says, "We had an advantage with that information."

In an interview on the 35th anniversary of the assassination of Beatle's co-founder John Lennon, Kelly, who was a police captain, say he drove by the Dakota at about the time of the shooting but was on a different police frequency so was not even aware of the shooting at the time.