'RAWR!': Tyrannosaurus rex footprint discovered in remote Alaska national park

The National Park Service shared a photo of the footprint found at Aniakchak National Monument in Alaska. (National Park Service)

A gargantuan footprint discovered in a remote Alaska national park on November 28 turned out to be a Tyrannosaurus rex footprint. 

The exciting finding is the first evidence that the once-terrifying beasts roamed the region, according to park rangers. 

"RAWR!" Katmai National Park officials wrote on Twitter a photo of the footprint found in the Aniakchak National Monument, known as "one of the most wild and least visited places in the national park system," according to local officials. 

"If you had seen this, would you have recognized it as a track?" rangers wrote.

The monument surrounds the Aniakchak volcano in the southwestern region of Alaska.