Rats are on a rampage on one block in Brooklyn

The cramped lobby of 375 Lincoln Place in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, served as the hub of this neighborhood's meeting of the minds on Wednesday night. Their goal is to stop the infestation of rats overtaking the block.

For the last two years, residents have seen a dramatic uptick in the vermin population. They say it has coincided with a building at the corner of Lincoln Place and Washington Avenue changing hands.

It was in foreclosure when the city took it over and sold it to an affordable housing developer. That developer told residents that it is taking steps to mitigate the problem.

But the problem is that rats know no boundaries or property lines. They don't care if children are playing or a woman is walking down the block. They scurry under cars and around trash. They burrow and they squeal. And these residents have simply had enough.

The problem has become so bad that residents choose to walk in the street instead of negotiating for sidewalk space.

They have launched a concerted effort to involve local elected leaders, including Council Member Laurie Combo, newly elected Public Advocate Jumaane Williams and Borough President Eric Adams. The three officials didn't attend Wednesday's meeting but did send staffers to learn more.

Owners of the building will be walking the block with the Department of Health on Monday to better understand the problem.