Rapper Takeoff from Migos shot and killed in Houston

Hip-hop fans woke up today to the devastating news of yet another rapper gunned down in his prime and for no apparent reason.

A spokesperson for the multi-platinum group Migos confirmed to the Associated Press that one of its three members, Takeoff, was shot and killed in Houston early this morning.

Houston Police say there were shots fired at 810 Billiards and Bowling in Houston. They confirmed one man was shot and killed, and two others were wounded.

There was widespread speculation the deceased was rap star Takeoff, whose real name is Kirsnik Khari Ball, one of three members of the hip-hop group Migos, and is related to the other two.

Quavo is his uncle, and Offset is his cousin. There is also much speculation the gunfire was over a dice game.

Takeoff’s death was later confirmed by a representative. He began his career nearly a decade ago in his teens as part of the Atlanta-based hit-making mega-group Migos, known for their catchy beats and their flashy personal style. His death is hitting many fans very hard.

Police gave very few details about the incident but said at least 40 people were there. Police are asking anyone with information to step forward. 

"Takeoff is one member he's actually the youngest member of Migos, and most regard him as the quietest member of the Migos as well," AllHipHop.com CEO Chuck Creekmur said. "He’s done records with everyone from Cardi B to Drake, to Gucci Mane, so on and so forth. Pretty much they work with everyone including pop stars like Katy Perry."

Recently, Takeoff released a new album with his uncle Quavo.