Quentin Tarantino may make 'Kill Bill 3'

If you've been holding your breath for Uma Thurman to pick up a samurai sword again and reprise her role from the Kill Bill movies, you may eventually get relief. In an interview, director-writer Quentin Tarantino said Kill Bill Vol. 3 is "a possibility."

Tarantino told What the Flick?! interviewer Ben Mankiewicz that "there could be" a Vol. 3 but stopped short of saying that it is probable. He said that he and Thurman would have a good time making it.

"[Kill Bill] is probably my most cinematic, visionary contribution. Since then, my work has taken a turn towards the literary. And it's gotten denser and denser with this one probably being the densest -- Hateful Eight -- of the group," Tarantino said. "And that seems to be where I am going to be going eventually to: writing novels, writing plays and theater and stuff eventually. So it would be nice to go back to just a visceral world that's not about the words anymore."

Tarantino is promoting The Hateful Eight, which premieres December 25. The western stars Kurt Russell, Samuel L. Jackson, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tim Roth and others.

Recently, Tarantino incurred the anger of police unions for participating in an anti-police brutality rally where he called certain police officers "murderers." Those unions have called for a boycott of "The Hateful Eight." Tarantino defended his remarks.