Queens landlord charged in stabbing deaths of 2 tenants, girlfriend

A New York City landlord is facing murder charges after authorities say he "viciously stabbed his defenseless victims to death" in at his home on a white Queens residential street. 

David Daniel, 54, was arraigned Wednesday and charged in the stabbing deaths of his two tenants and girlfriend. The three bodies were found Tuesday morning in his St. Albans home after Daniels told uniformed officers at a nearby police station that he was having "issues with his tenants."

David Daniel, 54, was arrested and charged with murder and criminal possession of a weapon.

The bodies of the two women and man were found Tuesday around 7 a.m. inside a single-family home on Milburn Street, near 122nd Ave, after the man walked into the NYPD's 113 Precinct, told uniformed officers he "did something bad" and gave police his address.


3 found stabbed to death in Queens after man tells police he's having 'issues with tenants'

Three people were found stabbed to death in St. Albans, Queens, after a man told police he was having issues with his tenants and that he did "something bad."

A man and woman, identified as the two tenants, were found in a basement-apartment bedroom, and the second woman, identified as the suspect's girlfriend, was found in an upstairs bedroom, according to police.

Police have identified the victims as Coleen Fields, 51, Evette Sweeney, 55, and Wayne Thomas, 57. 

Sources tell FOX 5 NY the NYPD is looking to obtain search warrants to look for the murder weapon or weapons.

"The bloody crime scene was the result of extraordinary brutality. In court, what we will show is that the defendant viciously stabbed his defenseless victims to death," Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz said in a statement.

Residents in the quiet neighborhood of hardworking homeowners told FOX 5 NY's Lisa Evers they are stunned in disbelief. 

"It's shocking, very shocking. I'd never expect that," one resident told Evers.