Queens home exterior resembles 'makeshift landfill'

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Residents in a Queens neighborhood are frustrated with an ongoing issue with a neighbor whose front yard looks like a trash dump, attracting rodents and leaving a horrific smell spreading down the block.

The garbage is sometimes piled as high as the roof on the 118th Ave. home, according to neighbors.

"It's disgusting.  Honestly, it's very disgusting," neighbor Gillianne Duncan said.

The city wants a court order to access the property at 154-22 118th Ave. to remove the garbage.

Carmine Bhimull, 57, was reportedly taken to from her home Wednesday for a psychological evaluation after she was confronted by a sanitation agent who tried to explain why the removal of the garbage was necessary.

Bhimull believes there is nothing wrong with the mess and calls it recycling, according to the NY Post.

Neighbors told FOX 5 News that cats and rats roam the property and that the smell is unbearable.

"You can't really open your windows," Duncan said.  "It's a tourist attraction, sad to say."

The house failed four health inspections since April.