Punderdome pun contest in Brooklyn

When I was school, my English teacher was revolted by puns. But puns are revered at Punderdome. A good pun is like a good steak, it needs to be well done.

Welcome to the Punderdome, the Super Bowl of puns where only the cleverest of puns score well with the crowd. Park Slope's Littlefield Theater was packed with pun enthusiasts ready to play on words.

This competition isn't for a linguist easily tongue tied. Contestants don't even know the category before they take the stage. The puns here can be controversial, corny and R-rated

A champion punner is no easy feat. The goal of the Punderdome is simple: touch down with as many laughs as possible.

It is not as easy as it looks but the important thing is to have pun. Get it? No. Yeah, I won't be quitting my day job.