Puerto Rican soccer team playing in New York

As Puerto Rico continues to face the absolutely devastating aftermath of Hurricane Maria, their soccer team...Puerto Rico FC is practicing for a match in honor of their loved ones back home.

Trevor Spangenberg plays goalie. He stayed in his apartment on the 9th floor.

“You think you know what's coming but the sound that comes with a hurricane and when you're in a huge cement apartment building and it's wobbling, it's not fun to be in,” Spangenberg said.

The team was scheduled to play the New York Cosmos in Puerto Rico earlier this month -- but their stadium, like much of the island, has a long road of recovery ahead.

Assistant coach Jack Stefanowski says the rest of the team will be flying in later Thursday and Friday.

“Glass on the field, the goals are messed up, the infrastructure is devastating,” Stefanowski said.

The game is scheduled for 5 p.m. Sunday at MCU Park in Coney Island. The Cosmos are donating fifty percent of all ticket sales to Puerto Rico. They've agreed to let them practice at their facility because they say it's about helping each other out.

“Even though they're our rivals for the weekend, they're our brothers and for us it's important to do the right thing,” Giovanni Savarese, the head coach of the New York Cosmos, said.

And while the Puerto Rician team doesn't know when it'll be able to return home, the team is thankful for everyone's generosity and sportsmanship.

“We're all competitors, we want to beat each other on game day but off the field, the fact that the Cosmos are helping us out, it means a lot,” Spangenberg said.