Protestors gather in Times Square for Muslim Solidarity rally

The backlash against President Trump’s proposed travel ban continued.

Protestors gathered in Times Square Sunday afternoon where organizers called the rally a day of action and a show of solidarity with American Muslims.

The rally titled “Today I am a Muslim Too” included speakers such as music producer Russell Simmons, Mayor Bill de Blasio, and prominent religious leaders.

Mayor de Blasio spoke during the peaceful rally. "We have to dispel the stereotypes" and that America is "a country founded to protect all faiths and all beliefs," he said. While the Simmons, who headlined the rally, said the Muslim community was being used as a scapegoat, but "diversity will prevail." 

Chelsea Clinton was also in attendance. She tweeted a picture during the event, and also wrote that it was her daughter’s first protest. “Thank you to all who organized #IAmMuslimToo today – Charlotte’s 1st protest rally. #NoBanNoWallNoRaids” she said.

The protest was one of the many that have taken place since President Donald Trump’s Executive Order was issued, which targeted travel from Muslim-majority countries. The order has since been challenged and put to a halt, but Trump has insisted on making plans for a new one with similar conditions. 


The Associated Press contributed to this report.