Protesters rally in front of NYC official's home

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About 150 people gathered outside the home of the commissioner of the New York City Human Resources Administration and chanted: "No homeless shelter, Banks got to go." They came on three buses from Maspeth, Queens, to Brooklyn to protest in front of Commissioner Steven Banks' home.

With whistles and signs the protestors, all residents of Maspeth say they want to be heard and will not allow the Holiday Inn hotel be turned into a homeless shelter. They are concerned about safety.

Banks was appointed by the city to handle its homeless shelter plan. Residents got wind of the Holiday Inn turning into a homeless shelter in August. Since then they've been protesting outside the hotel and at community meetings. They say they will not tolerate one more homeless shelter in their community.

The owner of the hotel said the protests have convinced him to drop the plan to convert the hotel, but the city said negotiations continue.

A spokeswoman for the mayor's office said: "Intimidation and threats are not how problems are resolved in New York City. The city will continue to engage with community members regarding this proposal, but New York City will not stand for the harassment of a government official and his family at their home."

Protesters told me that they will continue to protest and do these types of protest until the city decides not to convert the Holiday Inn and to a homeless shelter.