Protesters gather for varying issues amid House Judiciary hearing in Manhattan

Demonstrators gather in Lower Manhattan to protest varying issues amid the House Judiciary Committee held on Monday.  (FOX 5 New York )

The congressional field hearing led by Ohio Republican Jim Jordan, attracted protestors inside and outside the federal courthouse — and many of them spent hours chanting and holding signs for a variety of issues. 

They arrived at the federal courthouse Monday as early as 8 a.m. 

Protesters armed with signs and strong sentiments, stood outside calling the "Victims of Violent Crime" congressional field hearing a stunt by Republicans looking to protect former President Donald Trump and perjure Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. 

Others went inside, holding Trump 2024 banners, and shouting praise at Jordan for holding Bragg’s feet to the fire after charging Trump with 34 felony counts of business fraud. 

Some demonstrators were present for more personal reasons, what they call New York City’s soft-on-crime and pro-criminal policies, that has forced them into the role of a victim — scared to walk down their hometown city’s streets. 

David Rem was emotional, so much so that he was one of the protesters who was ejected from the hearing after demanding to be heard. 

He said he came out to support Madeline Brame and Jose Alba – both victims of crime. Supporters said they were treated like criminals under Bragg’s watch.

"This is not about Trump," Rem said. "This is not about Joe Biden. This is not about Hunter Biden. This is about crime in New York City." 

"Policies of bail reform have affected all the people in the urban cities. It’s destroying us And hurting us tremendously," said Jacqueline Marshall, whose brother was murdered and another brother shot in 2022 while being robbed. She, too, blames Bragg for the spike in crime. 

"I wanted to let people know what the city has done to my brothers," Marshall said. "They say, the crime rate is going down, but we still have mothers in mourning, still in pain, still grieving because of their sons being murdered. Because of a crime that is going on in the city, the merciless killings and reckless shootings that’s in our city." 

Republicans empathized with the residents. Democrats defended Bragg, reiterating New York is one of the safest big cities in America. 

Protesters were loud, but they remained peaceful except for one man, taken away by police officers for aggressively yelling during the hearing. 

Editor's note: An earlier version of this story misidentified an individual as a crime victim. It has been corrected.