Protest over alleged racist assignment at Long Island school

It comes after a controversial assignment handed out by a social studies teacher went viral on social media last month.

The teacher asked students to come up with a funny caption for photographs of slavery, allegedly because she didn't want to be bored.

Keba Cairo has two children in the Freeport School District - she along with many other parents feel it’s never appropriate to mock someone else's pain. 

"We want the district to remove her from the school, not just place her on administrative leave, we want her removed," Cairo said. "Would we ask kids to put a funny caption on something that happened on 9/11?"

Some parents say this hasn't been the only questionable assignment over the years but they're glad it's finally been brought to light.

Tiffany Beckett's niece, who is now in her 20s, had the teacher when she was in middle school. 

"As soon as the situation was discussed, you didn't even have to say the teacher's name," she said. "They knew exactly who it was. Maybe students just didn't feel no one was going to do anything if they complained."

The district hasn't publicly identified the teacher, but removed her from the classroom and put her on administrative leave.

While some people say firing her is the only solution, others say it should be used as a teachable moment.