Prosecution says no one called 911 until they had to in death of 8-year-old Thomas Valva

Thomas Valva is dead according to prosecutors because no one called 911 until they had to. 

During closing arguments on Thursday, prosecutor Keriann Kelly told the jury that wicked stepmom Angela Pollina, on trial for Thomas’ murder, tried to paint a picture of protection, but it was all a cover-up to what Kelly called her sadistic approach of brutality.

Kelly argued Pollina worked in concert with Thomas’ dad, Michael Valva, to torture Thomas and his brother – both on the autism spectrum – because they struggled with incontinence.

Neither of the boys who Pollina called dirty, filthy and stinky, were properly fed or cleaned.

On the morning Thomas died, Kelly says he fell because Pollina was the one who banished him to the frigid garage.

But defense attorney Matt Tuohy tried to convince the jury that Pollina never intended for Thomas to die, and a guilty verdict will never make up for what happened.

"She didn’t do it," he said. "Michael Valva did."

On the stand as the sole witness for the defense, Pollina said Valva hosed Thomas off in the freezing cold, and he was the one who put the shivering boy in the warm bath causing hypothermia.

Prosecutor Keriann Kelly  (Photo Credit: Thursday, March 9, 2023 Pool/Newsday/James Carbone )

Kelly called some of what Pollina said on the stand absurd. 

She claims there was no bath on the day he died instead she believes it was all part of a concocted story. Kelly told the jury Pollina and Valva shared equal responsibility and neither ever showed compassion nor empathy until it was too late.

Defense attorney Matt Tuohy and Stepmom, Angela Pollina, on trial for Thomas’ murder  (Photo Credit: Thursday, March 9, 2023 Pool/Newsday/James Carbone )

Valva who was convicted late last year is serving 25 years to life upstate. 

Pollina, if found guilty, could be sentenced to the same. Deliberations will continue on Friday morning.