Proposed housing development draws concern from Brooklyn Botanic Garden

A proposed housing development is raising concerns from what would be its next-door neighbor, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

“It’s a proposed pair of towers nearly 465 feet tall that are just 150 feet away from our greenhouses, conservatories and nurseries, and we’re really worried about the loss of sunlight, as much as four and half hours every day,” said Scot Medbury, President of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

Medbury says that the loss of sunlight would significantly affect plans on display and those being cultivated there.

The proposed property is owned by a company named Continuum. In a statement to FOX 5 NY, they said that they have been attempting to negotiate with the garden, but thus far their requests have been rejected. 

As far as questions about loss of sunlight and unnecessary shadows, Continuum told FOX 5 NY: “Based on preliminary findings, no significant adverse shadow impacts are anticipated on the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.”

Continuum also maintains that their review is in line with what the city department of planning requires on all rezoned properties.

“We think it’s a false proposition to pit open space against affordable housing here in New York City, we have so little of either,” Medbury said. 

The site was initially rezoned to help the garden and protect it from such an issue. Allowing Continuum to proceed would require another rezoning of the land.