Proposed bill would bar insurers from denying medical coverage to pets with pre-existing conditions

A growing number of pet owners are insuring their furry friends, but some companies are now denying coverage for animal that are too young or too old or with pre-existing conditions. 

Now, State Senator James Skoufis wants to make sure those insurance companies continue extending their healthcare coverage, dubbing his proposed bill “Skoufis Care,” which would bar pet insurers from denying medical coverage to dogs or cats if they’re at a vulnerable age or have a pre-existing condition.

However, some veterinarians oppose the idea, calling the proposed bill short sighted and arguing that it has not been thought out enough. 

“It’s too much of a risk for the insurance company,” said Dr. Nick DiRusso, a veterinarian who practices at Animal Healthcare in Eastchester. “The premiums would be exorbitant.”

While he opposes the bill, DiRusso says that he will tell his clients to continue searching for a healthcare provider for their pets, because if you pay a high enough premium, you’ll find one to cover them.