Pride for pope in Little Argentina in Queens

A lot of people who live along and near Corona Avenue in Queens call Argentina home. That's where they were born and raised, just like Pope Francis. So there's a lot of excitement leading up to his visit.

Amadeo is from Buenos Aires, just like Pope Francis, whom he calls a man of love and peace. For a little taste of home, he has breakfast at Rio de la Plata. Christian Gimenez and his family own this authentic Argentinian bakery. Gimenez says his family is proud that the first Latin American pope is Argentinian. We got a taste of Argentina with an Argentine croissant, a popular breakfast treat, fit for the pope. So the real way you dip the media luna is dip it in the café con leche.

Across the street, I met Guillermo. He hopes to get a glimpse of his Holiness in the city. Last year, he met the pontiff in Rome.

The father of the Catholic Church is also relatable when he cheers for his favorite soccer team, San Lorenzo, like many on Corona Avenue.

At the butcher shop and restaurant shop, el Gaucho, pictures of the pope hang from the walls. Customers are thrilled about the visit. And they plan to make the Pontiff feel right at home.