Presidential predicting professor says Trump will be impeached

Defying the odds and pollsters, Allan Lichtman predicted Donald Trump would win the presidency. The presidential prognosticator and American University history professor has correctly predicted who would win the White House since 1984. Now he has another startling prediction: President Trump will be impeached unless he changes his ways.

Lichtman lays out a number of reasons why in his new book "The Case for Impeachment." He says that the most likely reason for impeachment is the Russian connection. He points out three investigations are underway -- two in Congress, one in the FBI -- on possible collusion between Trump's team and Russia ahead of the election.

Lichtman says that so far the Trump administration's response reminds him of a Nixon-type cover-up: deny, conceal, deflect, lie. He also thinks Trump should have completely divested from all his business interests around the world before taking office.

And what does he say to naysayers who find it unlikely that a Republican-majority Congress would impeach a republican president? He says that if Democrats want to impeach Trump, they would need only about two dozen Republicans to defect. That is just 10 percent of the Republicans in Congress.

One thing you might find unusual: Lichtman says he is actually "rooting for Donald Trump" and that is why he included a chapter in the book about how trump can find a way out from impeachment. But he says so far he hasn't seen any changes from the president.