President Obama to Congress: 'ban the box'

President Barack Obama wants federal employers to delay asking about a job candidates criminal history at least until later in the hiring process. The president says it would give applicants a chance to prove themselves before revealing their criminal record.

During a visit to a halfway house in Newark, President Obama said he supports giving former inmates a second chance. He wants Congress to "ban the box" that potential workers check on a federal employment applications. Checking the box discloses whether a person has a committed a felony.

"We are not suggesting ignore it. But we are suggesting, when it comes to the application, give folks the chance to get through the door," Obama said. "Give them a chance to get in there, so they can make their case."

New York State Conservative Party Chairman Mike Long is critical of the president's plan.

Marilyn Reyes Scales has a job now after years of unemployment. After doing time for a drug conviction, she repeatedly tried and failed to get anyone to hire her. For her, getting a second chance helped change her life.