President Biden and Mayor Adams avoid meeting during UN General Assembly

President Joe Biden is in New York City this week for the UN General Assembly but is not planning to meet with Mayor Eric Adams while he is here. 

The relationship between the two has been strained for the past few months.

Adams has been pleading with the White House for additional resources to aid the city with the migrant crisis and has been openly critical about the lack of action on the federal level.

"We’ll release if we’re going to meet with the President or not," Adams said.

But right now, nothing is on either of the two’s public schedule when it comes to crossing paths, a notable shift from last year when the two linked up multiple times while the President was attending the UN General Assembly in September 2022.

Adams added that he hasn’t spoken with Biden since earlier this year.

"I am hoping that he understands this beautiful city that’s the economic engine of the entire country is been saddled with a $2 billion that we spent already, $5 billion we’re going to spend in this fiscal crisis, $12 billion in the next two budgetary cycles," Adams said.

Right now the President has no plans to tour a migrant shelter or visit the Roosevelt Hotel currently serving as a migrant intake center and just four blocks from the United Nations Headquarters in Midtown Manhattan.


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The city is currently caring for nearly 60,000 migrants.

The President also did not mention the country’s migrant crisis in his speech at the UN.

Adams predicts that the migrant crisis will cost the city $12 billion by July 2025.

In light of this, he is ordering city agencies to slash their budgets 15 percent by next year.

Adams is facing fierce backlash for this move from local elected officials.

Brooklyn Borough President Antonio Reynoso says that Adams is trying to blame migrants for ongoing fiscal challenges the city has had for years.

"This is the first time a mayor has stood up and said I give up. I throw my hands up. Who does that? Not in New York, not Brooklyn. We always solved the problem and this is no different," Brooklyn Borough President Antonio Reynoso said.

The President will be in town through Wednesday.

He will be hosting a reception on Tuesday night at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which Adams is not planning to attend at this time.