Pregnant woman gives man trophy for offering her a subway seat

A pregnant woman awarded a kind-hearted man a trophy after she said he was the first guy in two pregnancies to offer up his seat for her on the New York City subway.

Ivonne Lin, who is reportedly eight months pregnant, said only women had given up their seats for her, so she finally had a trophy made to give the first man who got up for her.

For the last two months of her pregnancy, Lin has carried around a 7-inch trophy that reads “#1 DECENT DUDE – First Man to Offer Subway Seat to Pregnant Woman throughout Two Pregnancies.”

And last week on the A train, the award finally went to... Ricky Barksdale, of Harlem.

“I was on my phone playing a game and I glanced up, but didn’t know if she was pregnant because she was wearing all black," Barksdale told "The moment I realized she was pregnant, I got up immediately and she said, 'Hold on I have something for you.'"

Barksdale, 34, who has two kids of his own, said the act is just common courtesy.

"I have seen it happen before. I’ve seen a pregnant woman and or a mom and child get on a train and seen people turn their heads or pretend their sleeping," Barksdale said. “If you see someone pregnant, elderly, or disabled, just give up your seat. I just hope it motivates people to do the right thing."

Lin told Barksdale that he restored her faith in men.