Power outage knocks out new subway line

Another day, another dollar is the proverb that describes the establishment of routines in life. For MTA commuters the 2017 version may be more like another day another delay.

A subway failure Friday began along the brand new Second Avenue subway line. A power outage struck the 86th Street station as one of the trains was about to arrive. A source told Fox 5 that when the power cut, the train started coasting as the motorman used the momentum of the train to bring it to a stop in the station. The ripple effect would then knock out people's plans.

The MTA started turning trains around at 57th Street. With no service to the north, countless riders were confused as they made it down to the turnstiles only to find out there was no service. To be fair, hints like the "do not enter" icon seemed to contradict the arrivals board, which was still expecting trains in both directions.

Recently, a lot of focus has been on whether or not the elevators and escalators work on the newly minted line. The irony on this day is that all of that worked to get people downstairs before finding out trains weren't running.

So we found ourselves more helpful as MTA stand-ins than Fox 5 employees. Then again, the news background helps. Some commuters apparently didn't believe us and ducked under to give it a shot anyway. Others used our information to try to sort out the rest of their day.

Power was restored by 1 p.m. The MTA is investigating the cause.