Post-storm, bus riders climb over massive snow piles

After snowstorms, MTA bus riders always have to deal with those massive snow piles at bus stops. Fox 5 News checked out some stops in Queens that still needed some TLC on Friday.

The Q36 stop near the corner of Jamaica Avenue and Springfield Boulevard didn't have a lot of room to wait for the bus. To board the bus, you had to either climb over a mountain of snow or just wait in the street. Some commuters chose to wait for the bus in its lane, which also came with another level of frustration.

Nearby in Bellrose, we found a cleaner bus stop. It had just a bit of an icy puddle to navigate around.

But outside Village Hardware store in Middle Village, workers took it upon themselves to maintain the bus stop outside the door. Obie Porter said he cleared a path through the snow several times before sanitation workers came. The owners also provided assistance around the slush to those who needed it.

A spokesperson for the Sanitation Department said workers will continue clearing sidewalks and stops throughout the weekend.