Port Authority cops accused of slacking off on duty

Dozens of Port Authority of New York and New Jersey police officers are accused of spending more time in the break room than on patrol. But not a single one has been suspended.

The inspector general launched an investigation back in the spring focusing on Port Authority officers working the graveyard shift at the PATH stations in New York and New Jersey. Now, 44 Port Authority police officers are in hot water, accused of slacking off on duty.

"The allegations against these officers are extremely serious and we believe they have let down the public they are sworn to serve,'' Inspector General Michael Nestor said in a statement. "We will seek to take significant action against those officers who violated the public trust."

Missing patrols, skipping out on active duty, disappearing from their posts for hours on end, and in one case spending almost the whole shift in the break room are all examples of what the inspector general calls serious transgressions by almost a third of cops working the PATH system.

The Police Benevolent Association says it is doing its job to keep the public safe despite the inspector general's attacks. In a statement, the union said: "The PBA does not condone police officers shirking their responsibility to protect the public, but these are charges and no evidence has been provided to the PBA supporting these allegations."

The Port Authority has begun disciplinary action against the cops.