Popularity of colorful crystals

You may notice crystals are popping up in stores more these days. According to some experts, it's because more people are tapping into the energy crystals hold.

You'll find many gravitating to a shop tucked at the base of the Catskills that specializes in these stones. It's called The Crystal Connection, located in the town of Wurtsboro, New York. Many consider it a hidden gem where you'll find 110,000 different pieces of crystal.

"We want to teach we want you to feel touch to find your connection with your stone in a place that's sacred feeling," said Travis Ogden, the co-owner of Crystal Connection.

And you'll feel that because The Crystal Connection is located inside a Methodist Church built in the 1890s.

"As soon as you come in there's a sense of well-being in here. There's a sense of openness also playfulness," said Ogden.

Ogden educates customers and demonstrates the power of crystals the minute you step inside.

"One of the things we do with people when they come in is grab a piece of black tourmaline do the tourmaline test," Ogden said. 

This test starts with me standing on one foot and Ogden pushing me to see if I can keep my balance. I don't.

Then, he has me hold a piece of the tourmaline and my balance got better. I stood on one foot and when Ogden pushed me, I didn't lose my balance.

Ogden took me through a portion of what's offered and explained what the crystals are and how they heal.

"This is carnelian, a stone of sexuality and creativity. It's all about fiery energy. So people that have an imbalance of sexual nature or creativity or they're just lazy and they need to get fire under their butt, they need carnelian," said Ogden, "Another big area people have a challenge with is their expression and that's when I come here for the blue lace agate."

For others, like Laurie Kelly, crystals are helping her find center and balance as she is facing the hardest physical challenge of her life.

"I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. I had my lumpectomy and I'm doing my chemo and I'm good, I'm going to be good. But I want to be better and so any bit of help will help," said Kelly, "So I wear selenite around my neck. It's for clarity and for healing. It's supposed to be one of the stronger ones. They work for me. There's energy everywhere so why not help it out,".

If you're still not a believer or just want some help figuring out what needs healing you can get your aura tested.

"It's a biomagnetic feedback sensor you put your hand on, then you see all the colors of your aura, your chakras, different colors for each," said Ogden. 

At first, my colors were blue with purple on the outside. The blue means I'm communicating well, which is a good thing for this story. But the purple is showing I'm too much in my head. You're then told to collect stones you're drawn to and do the test a second time while holding the crystals.

Then just like that, my colors and intentions changed.

"You got a lot more intuitive. You've got more balance between physical and spiritual. The green is your heart chakra, which has to do with love and self-acceptance," said Jennifer Wood, a crystal Reiki healer.

"Your body is so intelligent that you'll pick up something different holding the stone that wasn't there before," said Ogden.