Pope blesses girl who skirted past security

A young girl who was likely waiting hours to see Pope Francis as he made his way in the pope mobile Wednesday, managed to get a blessing from the pontiff despite being initially removed by security. TV coverage of the encounter showed the girl approaching the pope mobile and passing security guards only to be walked back to the barriers where she had been standing.



When His Holiness realized what was happening, he called for the girl to be brought over to him. A guard lifted the child to the Holy Father who gave the girl a blessing. 

Before walking away, the child handed the pontiff a T-shirt and a card.

The pontiff took a brief tour of  the area on The Ellipse-- a road in a park south of the White House--where thousands of people had waited since early morning to greet the Holy Father.

The parade was one of several events the 78-year-old leader of the Roman Catholic Church was expected to take part in during his first full day in the United States.