Police urge public to speak up about warning signs

Investigators say that the Florida shooter had disturbing social media posts and was obsessed with guns. As with most of the mass shootings that have happened, some are asking why didn't someone call authorities to report violent or odd behavior?

The sheriff in Broward County, Florida, is imploring the public to get more involved, calling them the "eyes and ears" of law enforcement. Sheriff Scott Israel said he understands some people are hesitant to call the police or the FBI because they're afraid of making a mistake and hurting someone. However, he said that being safe is better than being sorry.

Sheriff Israel said you should take note if someone's patterns and behaviors change. He gave this example: If someone comes home every Friday with a bag of groceries but all of a sudden one day has a bag a bullets, you should call authorities.

Fox 5 spoke to Darren Porcher, a law enforcement professor at Pace University and a former lieutenant with the NYPD. He said that the public should report the odd or threatening behavior to police or the FBI and don't assume that authorities will ignore your information. If police deem it necessary or appropriate, they will investigate.