Police revive overdose victim twice in same day

Police in Florida say they had to revive the same overdose victim twice in less than 12 hours.

The Flagler County Sheriff's Office says they were called to a home after a woman found her friend motionless inside his bathroom.

The victim only regained consciousness after deputies administered three doses of Narcan.  The man was then transported to Florida Hospital Flagler where he was later discharged after recovering from his overdose.

Less than 12-hours later the man would be back in the hospital after overdosing again and again being revived by Narcan deployment a second time. 

"This highlights the problem every community in America faces," Sheriff Rick Staly said. "First responders give them a second chance by saving their life but there is no treatment for the addiction so they leave the hospital and go and find another 'fix' and the cycle repeats itself."

Just after the victim was transported to the hospital for a second time, deputies responded to two other overdoses call that resulted in Narcan again being used to save two more lives. 

So far this year, county police say they have responded to 54 overdose calls and has administered Narcan dozens of times.