Police dog fired for being too friendly

A police dog in training had to change careers once his owners realized he was just too friendly for the force.

The German shepherd, Gavel, who participated in months of training to be a police dog in Australia, “did not display the necessary aptitude for a life on the frontline."

Gavel participated in a 16-month training program for police dogs, but once officials realized he loved people and belly rubs far too much, they cut him loose.

The governor of Queensland, Paul de Jersey, then gave him a job fit for his personality instead, vice-regal dog.

“He may have missed out on becoming a Queensland Police Service Dog, but it is abundantly clear that Gavel has the characteristics necessary to adequately fulfil duties as Queensland's official Vice-Regal Dog,” the governor wrote on his Facebook page. 

Gavel’s new responsibilities include greeting visitors and attending official ceremonies.

"Gavel on occasions sits in on briefings with the governor," a spokesperson for the governor’s office said. Gavel has also demonstrated his capacity to uphold the ceremonial importance of his role at State of Origin time."