Police dog doesn't know how to walk in snow boots

A police department in South Dakota is preparing for the winter—and that includes outfitting a police dog with awkward snow boots.

The Rapid City Police Department posted a video on Facebook on Friday showing a K-9 officer putting booties on a police pooch. The dog stands up and then seems uncomfortable walking in them, lifting its legs in exaggerated motions.

"It's cold out there, which means making sure all our officers are equipped for the chilly weather; even the furry ones!" RCPD posted. "Looks like K9 Jary's new snow boots are going to take some getting-used-to..."

Rapid City, which lies at the edge of the famed Black Hills, is considered a gateway to Mount Rushmore. December tends to be its coldest month.

Fox 5 NY produced this story from New York City.